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frameIT Timberframe CAD Software


Product Description

A standalone programme that allows projects to be drawn from scratch and the importing of drawings in DWG\DXF format. You DO NOT need an existing CAD system. Extensive set of drawing properties enable the customisation of frames: Panel lengths; no. of lintels; Ply sheets; corner\joint types; timber labelling. Quick & easy detailing tools enable features to be inserted and editing in plan view: doors; windows; beam pockets. 3D model created automatically to provide a quick visual reference to your plan and panel drawings. Soleplates & Headrails generated as walls are drawn. Splays (Gables) can be added to walls drawn with settings for: roof pitch; height offsets; maximum length & height. Cuttings lists (schedules) produced directly on the panel sheets, overall plan. Export to csv to enable external modifications.

Check out our CASE STUDIES to see why other people got on board and how our suite of packages has helped them.


Before drawing, a number of user defined settings can be put in place:

  • Panel lengths
  • Corner types
  • Joint types
  • Lintels
  • Cripple studs
  • Sole plate and head rail sizes
  • Ply overhangs and sheet sizes

PLANS – Walls and Openings

  • Selection of wall types
  • Party Wall Option – NEW WITH VERSION 3
  • Stud sizes
  • Automatic stud centres (e.g. 400mm/600mm)
  • User defined Load Points –  – NEW WITH VERSION 3
  • Dynamic doors, window and openings
  • Beam pockets
  • Corner laps and wall teeing
  • Add individual Studs to Plan – NEW WITH VERSION 3
  • Draw to maximum panel lengths or individual panel lengths
  • Each panel labelled with user defined prefix
  • Individual Lintel & Sheathing settings – NEW WITH VERSION 3
  • Locatable Studs – NEW WITH VERSION 3
  • User defined Panel Break – NEW WITH VERSION 3

PLANS – Splay/gables

  • Full Length Gables including Openings – NEW WITH VERSION 3
  • Standard or mono pitch splays
  • Gable ladders
  • Customizable panel sizes (e.g split at ridge, single panel, maximum dimensions


  • Automatic panel drawings
  • Protect Panel drawings with Lock option – NEW WITH VERSION 3
  • Automatic dimensions for panel features
  • Add extra timber to the panel (e.g. extra studs, noggins, etc.)


  • Automatic cutting lists with itemised timber
  • Total lengths for each timber size for each panel and overall project.
  • Export cutting list to .csv


  • Add dimensions to produce setting out drawing
  • Create floor layouts (ring beam, joists, etc)
  • Automatic cutting lists of itemised timbers and overall timber lengths.


Now take a quick look at the video below to see how easy frameIT is to use:



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