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Product Description

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archiTAB TIMBERFRAME combines both packages archiTAB Architectural and frameIT to provide a complete Design and Build tool. This package gives you the chance to draw up your architect plans and then produce your Timberframe plan. From there panel drawings are automatically produced along with cutting lists ready for manufacture

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  • Selection of Wall Types – Cavity, Block, Stud
  • Automatic hatching of wall with user defined hatch
  • Dynamic Doors and Windows with Internal/External Sill options
  • Wall Breaks & Closures – Thermal, Block Return, Rebated, Splayed
  • Wall thicknesses can be quickly altered, individually or throughout
  • Floors copied in their entirety with options for walls, openings and foundations
  • Gable, Hipped& Barn Hipped roof plans with simple Tee in functions
  • Straight, 1/2 & 1/4 turn Stair details
  • Walls given Stud Depth & Thickness
  • Wall Teeing – Options to change panel overlaps
  • Draw to Maximum Panel Lengths or individual panel lengths
  • Each Panel labelled with user defined Prefix e.g. GRD 1A

Panel Drawings

  • Panel drawings created automatically from the plan
  • Displays dimensioned Elevation & Plan of each panel
  • Automatic Panel Schedule
  • Each Panel is labelled and displayed with selected title frame
  • Add extra Timbers to existing panel –
    • Studs
    • Lintels
    • Noggins
    • Opening Rails
    • Cripple Studs
    • Top/Bottom Rails
  • Panel Schedule updates automatically
  • Export Schedule as a .csv


  • Automatically created from plan
  • Walls, openings, and roof lines drawn accurately
  • Heights taken directly from plan


  • Select openings in plan to create accurate section with correct wall type.
  • Foundations; DPC levels; Floors; Insulation
  • Features easily altered; wall type; opening type; heights
  • Additional floors added easily.


  • Model is automatically created from the plan. Walls; Openings; Stairs
  • Import 3D dwg/dxf symbols that display in plan and 3D viewer
  • 3D viewer options – Textured, Solid, Wireframe, Transparent
  • Give clients a real idea of the final design
  • Save images in jpg
  • Export to 3D dxf to use rendering software such Google Sketchup
  • 3D viewer displays timberframe model
  • Display as Timber texture, solid, wireframe or transparent

Other useful features

  • Symbol library including many parametric architectural details
  • DWG/DXF import and export including layouts
  • Fast modifications – rotate; copy; scale; trim
  • Simple yet effective drawing and construction line commands
  • Hatching and Area Fill
  • Blocks and symbols with editable attributes
  • Customized templates for page, pen and layer settings
  • Internal PDF generator

Default Settings for each drawing

  • Minimum & Maximum Panel Lengths
  • Corner & Joint Type
  • Lintel Sizes & Positions
  • Cripple Stud Settings
  • Tolerances for Sole Plate & Head Rail
  • Ply Sizes & Overhangs
  • Panel Sheet Settings – Sheet size, Scale, Title sheet.


Additional Information

Include tablet

Still want to use a pen? For those of you coming from the Drawingboard a Digitizing Tablet can be a great way to make the transition to CAD much smoother. Commands are laid out in coloured sections to make it easier to find your way around the programme.


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