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GRL - Garden Room Living

GRL-Garden Room Living  is a multi-disciplined company based in Lincolnshire, offering high quality joinery, ironmongery and Timberframe.

The Enquiry: We are looking for a piece of software that will speed up the time it takes to produce a cutting list and technical drawings, as it is currently all done manually through sketchup.

I have attached some images and a spreadsheet of a timber building we’re currently doing and we’d like to produce the same, but automatically.”

This remit, along with samples was sent out to a  number of Timberframe software providers.

walls - manually     cutting list

The Solution: CJIP needed a programme that would allow them to produce design drawings, working drawings and manufacturing drawings. archiTAB Architectural would be  ideal for the design and working drawings. frameIT would be great to produce manufacturing drawings from existing plans.

archiTAB Timberframe covered all of their requirements. CJIP could meet with their clients to understand their needs.

Design drawings can be quickly put together using the automated wall and opening commands, followed by the elevations and 3D being automatically generated.

Once approved, automatic section details can be produced and altered to suit.

From there the Timberframe plan can be drawn, with Global Settings for panel lengths, stud centres, etc. Panel drawings are then instantly generated with cuttings lists for manufacture.

Floor Plan     TF Plan

Panel drg

Getting Started and not looking back: With limited training CJIP were able to produce high quality design drawings.

Then the Timberframe functionality was put in to practice to produce the panel drawings for manufacture in the workshop.

All images have been provided by GRL-Garden Room Living


Charles Jones Architect

Charles Jones Architect – All types of residential projects: alterations, extensions, conversions, modernisations and refurbishments.

The Enquiry: “Having used the drawing board for all of my working life I now need to move over to CAD, I pride myself on the quality of my drawings and the level of detail that is included as standard. I need an architectural CAD programme that will give me the same quality and detail my clients expect. But I need to get up to speed quickly and have the support when required.”


The Solution: archiTAB architectural is a CAD programme that gave Charles an easy to use and thorough design tool. The simple functionality meant that he could get up to speed in no time at all and if he ever needed assistance our dedicated technical support is on hand to help. This was particularly evident in the example below.


Getting Started and not looking back: “The examples demonstrate (IMHO) some of the indispensible features of archiTAB. A client had obtained planning permission to put up new, electrically operated, sliding, gates at the front of their property; I was not involved with that. I got involved in sorting out the conditions attached to the permission. The Council wanted scale drawings showing the opening. Plotting the line of the front boundary fence was a lot easier and more accurate with archiTAB than it would have been by hand. Things got exciting when I drew the gates. I only ever drew one gate. The reverse curve/ogee shape of the top rail of the gate was frighteningly easy to draw and not just to draw but to draw correctly.”

All images have been provided by Charles Jones Architect

charles jones croppedCharles jones plan

Garden Rooms (Scotland) Ltd

The award winning Garden Rooms (Scotland) Ltd is part of a group that also includes the well established Boyle Builders (Scotland) Ltd, a family run business specialising in providing affordable luxury for their clients.

The Enquiry: “Garden Rooms (Scotland) Ltd uses a simple CAD package to produce the planning drawings. But a more detailed programme is required in order to steamline the design and build process all panel drawings are currrently produced manually and we need to eliminate the issue of human error.” 


The Solution: frameIT allows Garden Rooms (Scotland) Ltd to build up a number of standard garden room styles that can be easily modified to the specific needs of the client. Alternatively, new projects can be designed from scratch. Either way frameIT produces detailed plan and panel drawings that enable them to convey their ideas to the client whilst making the manufacture of the buildings error free.

frameIT Document

Getting started and not looking back: “The frameIT drawings give us something to go by when ordering materials for the kit as it calculates it automatically. This makes it much faster and easier, meaning there is less time between ordering materials and production. We can produce kit drawings that indicate the size each piece of timber that needs to be cut, and also where it needs to be joined. By using frameIT for this, it minimises room for error whilst speeding up the production process. We would certainly recommend frameIT to others!”

All images have been provided by Garden Rooms (Scotland) Ltd



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