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Window Types

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Window Types

Windows are inserted in to a Wall.

Do not leave a gap in the wall for a Window to be drawn.

Select the Windows Command.

There two Window types:


  • Enter the Width, Height and Sill Height of the Window (Sill Height is the distance from the floor up to the bottom of the Window)
  • Put a √ tick in the box for Inner and\or Outer Sill and enter your jamb measurements and then specify your measurements. This will show a detail in the plan view of your drawing.

Bay Window:

  • Enter the Width, Height and Sill Height.
  • Enter the Side Width (The distance the Window steps out from the wall)
  • Enter the Bay Angle (90° is square from the wall)
  • Enter the inner and outer sill measurements.
  • Enter your jamb measurements.

Once the settings are correct, press OK.

Then select where you want your window and place it down.

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