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Printer Settings

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Printer Settings

Go to file at the Top left of the screen.

Hover over print and you will see print settings just to the right.

Click on print settings and this screen will appear:

Printer settings

With the printer settings there are various options for what you want to print to.

The paper option allows you to select the source and the size, so what size paper you want your drawing to be printed at.

In the scale section there are 3 options:

  • Scale to fit – which will scale your drawing to fit on whatever page you have chosen to print on automatically.
  • Actual scale – the scale of the print can be specified by the user.
  • Match drawing scale – the scale that the drawing has been produced on will be printed the same

The orientation option allows you to choose whether you want your print to be portrait or landscape.

The options part of printer settings will allow you to customize parts of your drawing so that it prints the way you want, these include:

  • Centre on page – this command will centre your drawing on your page when you go to print
  • Monochrome – this will print all of the lines on your drawing in black
  • Monochrome with colour fill – All of the lines will be printed black except the coloured lines on the drawing which will be printed in colour
  • Without fill – drawings will be printed without any areas of colour
  • Line thickness – the line thicknesses used in the drawing will be shown when printed
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