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Editing Openings

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Editing Openings

Doors, Windows and Openings can be edited in 3 ways.

Option 1 – Double click.

  • Double click on the Door, Window or Opening.
  • The pop-up will appear allowing you to enter the new sizes.
  • Set the new size as required and press OK

Option 2 – Using the Grips \ Handles

  • Click once on the Door, Window or Opening.
  • The Grips will appear.
  • Click on Grips at either side of the Opening to alter the width of the Door, Window or Opening.
  • A blue cross will then appear along the wall for the size to be altered, wider or narrower.
  • Click down to complete the change.

Option 3 – Properties Explorer

  • Click on the Door, Window or Opening.
  • Change any of the values using Properties Explorer, found on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click in the value to change, type the new size and press Enter ↵.
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