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TF – Changing Corner Laps

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TF – Changing Corner Laps

When drawing you might want to change which corner overhangs over the panel next to it.

You can do this by selecting a wall and going to the properties explorer on the right of the screen, which will look like this:

Properties explorer

The second option on the properties explorer that you can see is the corner settings.

This is where you change which corner over laps and which doesn’t.

Corner 1 is the corner that you drew first in your drawing and corner 2 is the other corner of that wall.

If the option says yes then this means that the corner will overlap the panel next to it but if the option says no then the corner will but up to the panel next to it.

For example option 1:

corner laps 1

Option 2:

corner laps 2

So if there is a problem where both of the panels are overlapping each other then this means that both or the ends of the walls in that corner are set to yes.

For example option 1:

corner lap error 1

Option 2:

corner lap error 2

If you encounter these problems then that just means that the options in the properties explorer are wrong and just need to be changed.

NOTE: If a error like this occurs there should never be a need to pick up and move the walls if they have been placed correctly. This is just a case of changing the corner laps in the properties explorer.

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