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TF – Add / Edit Splays

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TF – Add / Edit Splays

To add a gable/splay go to the Add/Edit Splay command on the framing tab at the top of the page, which is located as shown:

Add-edit splay

Select the command and then indicate the wall to have the splay/gable added.

Once selected the below menu will appear:

Timber Splay

The following features can be set:

  • Type of splay – standard, mono pitch start, mono pitch end.
    • Standard – set the angle (pitch) for each side of the splay.
    • Mono pitch start – set the angle for the mono pitch splay. The splay panel goes off at the angle set from the start point of the wall below.
    • Mono pitch end – set the angle for the mono pitch splay. The splay panel goes off at the angle set from the end point of the wall below.
  • Extension (cutback) – the start and end values allow the gable panel to go beyond or fall short of the wall below.
    • E.g. start extension 140mm = the splay panel will extend beyond the start point of the wall below by 140mm.
    • E.g. end extension -1500mm = the splay panel will be 1500mm shorter than the wall below.
  • Splay options:
    • Number of sole plates – Set the number of sole plates. The number of sole plates and thickness of those sole plates will determine the revised overall length and height of the splay panel(s).
    • Gable ladder – Set the gable ladder depth. This depth will adjust the size of the splay, coming in perpendicular from the angle.
    • Truncate top height – Set the top height. At this height the angle of the splay panel will be squared off. In effect the ridge of the splay is chopped off.
    • Vertical height offset – Set the vertical distance before the splay panel goes off at the angle.
  • Panel sizes – Specify the size of the splay panels vertically and horizontally.
    • Single panel – Regardless of the size only one splay panel will be produced.
    • Split at ridge – The splay panel will be split down from the ridge.
    • Use max dimensions:
      • Specify the maximum width and height  for the splay to be broken down.
      • Select panels to be split from the ridge or around the ridge.
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